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Day two in the park

July 13, 2013 |

Thursday began like Wednesday, only on this day we somewhat knew what to expect. We were so encouraged when we finally arrived at the park — some of the children from the day before had returned and some had brought friends with them. Hooray! And the impatient grandmother from the day before also returned with…

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Autism update

April 13, 2013 |

UMO board member Tom Saxon is very much devoted to the challenge of autism in Ukraine. As a former missionary with Mission to the World, he and his wife lived for two years in Odessa, Ukraine. During this time he became aware of the plight of families with children with autism, and in March, Tom…

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Not Forgotten — The Secret of Autism in Ukraine

June 21, 2012 |

June 21. Only 10 more days to vote. What? Vote on what, you ask? Thanks for asking. Ten years ago autism was forbidden to be diagnosed in Ukraine. It was Ukraine’s little secret. The stigma of such a diagnosis was just too much to handle. Now, thanks in part to friends in Alabama, autism is…

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