Not Forgotten — The Secret of Autism in Ukraine

June 21. Only 10 more days to vote.

What? Vote on what, you ask?

Thanks for asking.

Ten years ago autism was forbidden to be diagnosed in Ukraine. It was Ukraine’s little secret. The stigma of such a diagnosis was just too much to handle.

Now, thanks in part to friends in Alabama, autism is slowly being addressed in Ukraine. Ukraine Medical Outreach board member Tom Saxon (and former missionary in Odessa, Ukraine) and videographer extraordinaire Matt Blick have joined forces to create a documentary that exposes this secret. And what can be done. Their desire is to bring education and encouragement to both the health-care professionals and the families of those with autism. But, of course, this takes more money than currently available to them.

Matt completed a trailer of the documentary to help raise funds to complete the project. He and Tom have been interviewed by various news media and autism organizations. They are now in the final ten days of a contest that just might award them the much-needed money to finish the project.

The cause is one of 30 causes that Cultivate Wines is showcasing this quarter. Cultivate Wines gives away $100,000 each quarter to the top six causes in the competition: $50,000 to the winner and $10,000 each to the 2nd through 6th place finishers.

So, how is their ranking determined? Again, thanks for asking. The answer: by YOU! Each person can vote once each day for the cause of choice…our choice is for the autism project: Not Forgotten — The Secret of Autism in Ukraine. The main mission of this cause is “to aid in education of professionals who work with Autism in Ukraine and to create a support system for parents of children with Autism.”

The families need you to vote NOW. And then every day until the end of the month. And let your friends also know about this cause. Maybe some of you are even connected to autism support groups whose members might want to vote each day.

Okay, okay. I’m sold. I want to vote. Tell me how already! Follow the simple directions in this short video:

How to vote for NOT FORGOTTEN

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