Medical Students

Approximately 110,000 students from 17 medical institutes throughout Ukraine are training to become physicians. Of these 100,000 students, 10,000 come from 77 countries, most commonly from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The potential to teach Christian principles and encourage the next generation of medical professionals worldwide is great.

Ukraine Medical Outreach, Inc. has played an important role in the development of the Christian medical movement within Ukraine. UMO organized what we believe was the first all-Ukrainian Christian Young Medical Professionals conference in 2008. At that conference there were 30 participants, half of whom were the presenters.  In the summer about 100 students from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia attend a medical camp with the purpose of building relationships and encouraging one another. Each fall, in conjunction with world-wide Christian medical organizations, over 500 students attend a conference directed specifically at meeting the needs of the foreign students. The students now do most of the organizing and UMO plays an advisory role.

In the spring, UMO hosts a leadership conference to further develop leaders from among the national students as well as the international ones. Thirty attendees allows us greater opportunity for personal encouragement and discipleship. The goal is for these leaders to develop mentoring groups within their own medical institutes.

Jim mentors multiple groups via skype regarding leadership and discipleship and encourages these mentorees to begin mentoring others.

During the school year we are available to travel to the medical institutes around Ukraine to encourage the students. In the past several years Christian Medical Fellowships have developed in each of the institutes.