World AIDS Day

December 1.

World AIDS Day.

As much as HIV/AIDS seems to be on the decrease in Africa and other areas, we are sadly aware that this disease is on the increase in Ukraine.

The stigma associated with HIV in Ukraine is so strong that many people will simply not be tested, even if they are aware that their lifestyle might make them more susceptible. Mothers who are drug addicts and have contracted the virus via shared needles pass this virus to their newborns and often abandon them to go get their next fix.

Ukraine Medical Outreach with Positive Heart maintains a room at Hospital #1 in Kyiv for these babies suspected of having HIV. We have hired two angels to be with these children at the hospital until a diagnosis can be made and proper papers are filed for a permanent (temporary) home for them — a local orphanage.

Tanya is with us in America for two weeks sharing this information about the increase in cases in Ukraine as well as her personal ministry serving the families affected by HIV/AIDS who have currently or who have had children hospitalized at Okamatdet, the national children’s hospital. Tanya is a ray of sunshine for all she meets and we are so blessed to be able to have her as part of the UMO team!

Please pray for us as we travel many miles over her first-ever visit to the States. We are introducing her to so many who have prayed for her over the years and who also have donated funds for her ministry. I cannot recommend a better investment for your money!