UMO Board Meeting 2018

Wow! We have just concluded an amazing weekend with our board of directors. We are thankful to have men and women help guide us through the growing ministry of UMO.

Also thankful to have had the book NO MAN’S LAND recommended to us last month. Working through the questions in the beginning chapters greatly focused our thoughts and we are convinced that we have a workable plan to move forward with the confidence that God has given us specific promises, we have seen many of them fulfilled, and He will remain faithful to the remaining promises and to us.

We can’t think of a better way to start the year than to spend the weekend in prayer with these servants. Well, except maybe to spend a whole week in prayer!!

Wait! What?! Today marks the beginning of the second North American Prayer Week 2018. Health care professionals and pastors are gathering again to pray for God’s specific leading in health care this calendar year. You can be sure that prayer requests generated from the weekend will be prayed over throughout the week.

Ukraine Medical Outreach is primed and ready to roll!!