Festival of Lights

How much can one unpack in one short day?

Fortunately, we were able to find kitchen utensils and could actually prepare a lunch with proper measurements! We even could sit at our kitchen table to enjoy our first meal in our new home…another first for us that was also a first for Tanya!

That evening we were blessed with tickets to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. What an amazing experience for everyone. Jeanne and family were also there so we saw the lights through the eyes of children AND through the eyes of a first-time visitor. I don’t know WHO had bigger eyes! Honestly. Everything was perfect.

Elza served as our tour guide — well, she THOUGHT she was leading the crew — and we found ourselves in Frozen land. Tanya was as happy to have her picture taken with Ana and Elsa as Elza was.

The train excursion through Swan Lake allowed us to see so much of the park without having to walk. Or carry Elza. But, rest assured, Tanya and Elza became best of friends as Elza helped Tanya with her English while Tanya carried Elza from place to place. Win-win!

Puppet shows created using black lights…oh my goodness, the giggles and belly laughs from the children were contagious.

And then the final tree on our way out. A wonderful way to spend our last night in Cincinnati before getting in the car for our trip south.

Tanya had no idea what was to come!