On the Move

So much has taken place in our past few months that I am kicking myself for not writing daily! There is no way to catch up on ALL that has happened, but I will give some highlights over the next days!

We have moved our official USA home address from Maryland to Ohio. The Ukraine Medical Outreach address remains in Salisbury.

When the last of our grandchildren moved from Salisbury to Mississippi we knew that we needed to also make a move. Though it was well worth it with little ones in the area, traveling from Salisbury to ANYWHERE is a bit of a challenge. Nearly two hours to the closest airport. And as long to the nearest interstate. With our crazy schedule, those hours are valuable!

We closed on our new house — soon to be a cozy home — on Monday, the moving van delivered our furniture on Wednesday, and we drove to Huntsville, Alabama on Friday.

Why in the world would we leave town for a week with a house full of boxes and even some furniture still wrapped? Well, much to our delight, our precious Tanya, who works with us at Okmatdet (the national children’s hospital in Kyiv) in the HIV/AIDS ward, flew to the US for her first-ever visit to America…on Wednesday! In conjunction with World AIDS Day (December 1) we are visiting friends and supporters throughout Alabama and Mississippi to say thank you for praying and for giving and also seeking those who might want to form teams to offer camps to these children next year.

More about the travels as we go…