The official launch

Well, the day has come.

This is it.

The long-awaited launch of our new website.

And included with this site is a new ministry blog (you’re reading it right now) as well as an events calendar.  Hopefully this will allow our friends and colleagues to keep up to date with God’s work through Ukraine Medical Outreach. We’ve also listed some specific prayer needs.

We are deeply — I mean, REALLY DEEPLY — thankful for the hours that Chris Malone has put into this effort. I’d still be at square one if he hadn’t encouraged, pushed from time to time, and kept us on track.  His professional approach to this site along with his patience as we struggled to find time to focus wholeheartedly is greatly appreciated.  I can’t say enough about how pleasant it was to work with him on this project.  If you have any design projects, I heartily recommend that you put him to work for you. Contact him at

Let us know what you think about this site.

And come back often to see what’s new!