Coalition for Children at Risk

What a wonderful morning! The Coalition for Children at Risk met at our flat for the purpose of sharing information, fellowship and networking.

Nineteen people represented 10 different ministries, and following the formal meeting there was a buzz in the room. And not just because of the delicious snacks and hot spiced apple juice! People connected with each other for specific needs within ministries.

We are excited to be moving along in the process of providing an education program at Okmadet, the national children’s hospital, specifically in the HIV/AIDS section.
We have located a passionate teacher with an exciting program, but we have yet to find a grant, sponsor, or other funding. At our meeting today, I may have learned about a real possibility for funding our program in full. We will be discussing things further.

We also may have found our site for a camp early next summer. And I have found a volunteer to accompany me on hospital visitations.

And those connections were only for UMO. Each ministry was finding another to share specific ideas.

I love networking. And I love to see how God brings just the right people together at just the right time.

Fabulous morning.