A new year starts with prayer

We are thrilled with the opportunities that God gave us last year. And we are looking forward to watching God unfold His plan for this ministry for 2015.

As has been our tradition, we are spending this first week of January with like-minded health care professionals who are all praying and asking God to reveal how He might use the medical practitioners for His glory during this calendar year. This particular group focuses on Europe, but there are other groups meeting around the world at this same time.

Dinner After all participants arrived, registered, and caught up with the latest news about each other, we got down to the serious business of eating dinner. Oh, my…more food than anyone at my table could eat. The fellowship and laughter was sweet, and the slow pace of dinner was much appreciated. But these were thirty hungry people who will not be satisfied with physical food alone.

Immediately following dinner, we gathered in a meeting hall for coffee and tea. What a joy to see the different generations enjoying each other’s company, encouraging each other, loving on each other. My heart was already full and we had yet to hear one speaker.

Klara is the Serbian group leader of Health Care Christian Fellowship and with her strong committee worked out the logistics for this conference. We are all staying in a small hotel right on the Danube River. The rooms are spacious and the staff has been great — they HAVE asked Klara why we are all so friendly, though! Klara invited us to “Come together!” Words heard over and over in Scripture. She is praying that we will leave refreshed at the end of the week.

Sherry Sherry from Austria asked us whether we had arrived yet. She could see we were physically here but she wondered whether we were here spiritually yet? Are our hearts ready for the week ahead? Referring to Psalm 131 and Psalm 73, she challenged us to be honest before the Lord. She spoke of Asaph’s troubled attitude UNTIL he went into the sanctuary, into the presence of the Lord.

Following a time of personal prayer, we corporately gave praise and thanksgiving to the Lord…not asking for anything…just praising and thanking.

Tomorrow is a day of fasting from morning until dinner. Fasting from food and fasting from speaking. These days of quiet solitude are always eye-opening and we look forward to feasting on His Word. We’ve been asked to pray through Psalm 145 and ponder our relationship with God. And then to pray through it again with reference to our work and ministry. And then once again considering our relationship with HCFI.

Marilyn Marilyn from Switzerland reminded us that Jesus spoke to the crowds in parables, but when He was alone with His disciples He explained everything. She also challenged us to get into the sacred place and cry out to the Lord. And then get out into the marketplace and take risks! Faith grows through risks.

Whew! That was simply one evening. Already we’re challenged and already we’re energized. Looking forward to the rest of the week!!