A day of solitude

Prayer Week 2015 Traditionally, the second day of Prayer Week is a day of solitude — a time to spend personally with God through His Word and His creation. Today was just that. Each of us privately spent the day with God…perhaps discussing with Him any concerns or challenges that may be occupying our minds. Rarely do we take the time like this without any phone interruptions or thinking that I first need to get a load of laundry started and THEN I’ll pray. Or discussing our situations with a spouse or friend rather than God. Usually something prevents this valuable time from happening. By taking this time one-on-One today, we are freeing up our minds to discern God’s direction for the bigger picture of health care across Europe.

Day of solitude We spent time individually in our room as well as time on a balcony looking to the hillside and on a deck overlooking the Danube. The crisp cool air refreshed my body while God’s Word refreshed my soul. (By the way, I can’t recall the last time that I saw two large swans flying in unison along a river honking all the while…just a stone’s throw from me. Fabulous! I was so mesmerized that I neglected to pick up my camera! God’s creatures reflect His amazing artistry and diversity…)

Following another tasty dinner, we all went back to the conference room for coffee, tea and Swiss chocolate. (Thanks, Marilyn!)

Several of us shared what we had learned today in regard to God’s direction for HCFI this calendar year across Europe. Why does it surprise me when so many of us had similar thoughts?

We will be fleshing out these ideas over the next couple of days so that real unified action may be taken. What a great time to be involved in medical missions!