To Kenya and back

Last week we had a 2-night house guest who traveled here from the U.S. via Istanbul, Turkey. A mutual friend contacted us to see if we might have space for him to stay. We did and so began a couple evenings of learning about each other. When we asked where he was going from Kyiv he replied that he was heading to a missions hospital in Kenya via Istanbul. Jim asked, “Tenwec?” Gabe seemed slightly surprised that Jim had heard of this hospital. Turns out that Gabe’s uncle is a surgeon and residency program director there.

Can you say ‘small world?’

Yesterday we were blessed with an overnight visit from medical student William Lamptey…you may remember him from stories of student conferences and also the trip to the Philippines — he was delayed in Dubai returning from there. Well, he just spent a couple of months training at a hospital in Kenya. Guess which one?! Yes, Tenwec! Jim and William spoke several times while William was there, and Jim mentioned to him to let Gabe’s uncle know that his nephew was being well taken care of in Ukraine!

Yes, small world. Sending one TO Kenya from our flat and receiving one FROM Kenya a couple of days later.
Really?! And all for the glory of God.

No question about it: God is at work!