Leadership council of foreign medical students

Six young men on the leadership council of foreign medical students traveled by overnight bus and overnight train from all parts of Ukraine to Kyiv on Saturday to discuss, pray, and consider the future of this group. As an adviser to this group of Christians, it was a privilege to host this meeting in our flat.

As the meeting progressed it was encouraging to hear their passion for reaching out to their fellow students and colleagues. Discussion centered on a review of the annual conference held in Chernivtsi this past October, particularly on how to improve on lessons learned. (Thankfully these gentlemen humbly learn from each conference and so each one shows improvement!)

The group discussed how to support the development of medical fellowships in each of the medical institutes of Ukraine. I was surprised at the willingness of these men to actually travel at their own expense to assist fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

The importance of the annual conference and the local fellowships for growth professionally and spiritually within Ukraine pointed to the need of connecting these young medical professionals after they graduate to the ICMDA and HCFI affiliates in their home countries. The encouragement of like-minded health professionals is priceless. We are currently researching how best to connect the students to leaders at home.

The meeting lasted from 10:30 to 3:30 with a break for lunch prepared by Marianna. They quickly arrived and quickly departed to return by bus and train to their home institutes.

Please join us in praying for these future leaders of medicine as they struggle to become the best professionally while applying spiritual principles in their lives.

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