Kyrgyzstan visitors

Every day in Ukraine brings a little something different with it. As much as we think we have a schedule, we really just have some daily guidelines. Or goals. Things we’d like to accomplish.

But when you’re a pediatrician, especially trained in the West, you get some extra-special visitors from time to time. And the schedule can just be thrown out the window. Well, at least modified.

Yesterday was one of those afternoons: Missionary friend Cara brought her latest house guests over so that Jim could take a look at a young girl and answer medical questions for the patient’s aunt. Anya and Yanna traveled to Ukraine from Kyrgyzstan for surgery to treat spina bifida. With the surgery complete, and a weekend of rest with Cara (haha), they were ready to venture out and allow the western pediatrician to take a peek. All is well, and Jim was able to explain in more detail what took place and what to expect in the days and weeks ahead. Physicians in Ukraine don’t offer a lot of explanation, so they were happy to have someone take extra time with them. They were also so encouraged to know that Jim and the physicians here were in agreement with treatment.

The smiles on these two are gorgeous, and though they know the future holds some tough moments, God is to be praised.