Marianna writes a personal blog featuring family events, or Ukraine news items, or pictures of grandchildren, or whatever strikes her fancy.  Frequently she writes something about our ministry that works for both of these blogs, as happened yesterday:

“It’s that GOOD time of year again. And I will once again ask you to consider Ukraine Medical Outreach as you go about your regular online searches and shopping.

Actually, I’d love for you ALL to support UMO this way, but if you have another non-profit you’d like to support, this is a wonderful way to do that, too! Thousands of organizations are listed and more are added all the time.

GoodSearch is a simple way to direct funds to your favorite charity. With only one or two extra clicks, each time you search for something online, your charity-of-choice receives a penny. Doesn’t sound like much, but it does add up! Just search through goodsearch, click Ukraine Medical Outreach as your designated recipient and search away!

It also works for shopping online! You will be amazed when you see what stores are connected to this site! You go to goodshop, click Ukraine Medical Outreach and then shop as you normally would. A percentage of what you spend will be sent to us! Simple, isn’t it?

And NOW they’ve added dining — take-out or eat-in. You pre-register your credit card and a percentage of what you spend to enjoy a nice night on the town, or afternoon at the mall, or breakfast wherever…yes, indeed, it comes to us!

To save the extra clicks each time, you can download a toolbar from their site and it will tell you automatically what coupons are offered and how much of a percentage is sent as a donation whenever you connect with a site that is partnering with GoodSearch.

And, with the toolbar, you can preset Ukraine Medical Outreach as your designated charity, but you can also change the recipient for each and every purchase, if you’d like.

Win-win, I’d say. You get some awesome coupons from places that you already visit online, and we receive a percentage of your purchase as a donation to UMO.

So, now is a good time to download the toolbar.

And simply continue searching, shopping, and even dining.

We appreciate it!”